Animal Husbandry

Livestock forms an integral part of the Agricultural economy. -. Generally people of Doda District have small holdings with 8-10 cattle in each house hold (2-3 Milk animals) living as scattered population over mountains. However in recent decade some urban families have adopted dairy farming /Poultry Farming/ marketing of livestock & livestock products/marketing of feed & fodder as their primary occupation. At secondary & tertiary level, livestock provides regular supplementary income to the producers related to livestock business. Besides providing organic manure, livestock is important source of several value added by- products, which are not properly processed & utilized as a commercial activity, but have immense future business potential. Equines are the only means of transport connecting remote blocks of the district. Almost 12000 equines contribute to the rural economy.

Aims and Objectives of the Animal Husbandry in the District

  1. Breed Improvement/Up gradation of the Native Livestock by use of the Frozen Semen Technology & Provision of the Breeding Bull on Community Bases
  2. Veterinary Health Care & Disease Control Programme & Disease Diagnoses
  3. Public Health concerns is one of the major task of the department.
  4. To facilitate investment of the public in Animal Husbandry Sector & generate employment
  5. Yak & equine Development
  6. Wild life concerns.