_Combating COVID-19 in Doda_ *Doda Administration pledged to universalise the use of face masks across the district* _Started local production/manufacturing, roped in hundreds of local tailors and various SHG’s to achieve the initial target of 4 lac_

Publish Date : 01/06/2020
Doda,May 14:
About third of the world population is now under lockdown as governments seek to stem the spread of a virus that has now infected more than 4 million worldwide.Since it spreads via respiratory droplets when a sick person coughs, sneezes or speaks, a face cover can help in both catching the droplets and preventing healthy people from touching their faces.
In this regard the first important objective of the district administration was to ensure the safety and security of the frontline functionaries who are working at the forefront day and night risking their lives but at the same time securing the lives of its citizens against this deadly virus.
keeping in view the accute shortage of the face mask worldwide and in the local  market, District Administration Doda under the able guidance of DDC Dr Sagar D Doifode developed a unique way in the middle of the march this year of making the production of face masks at local level.
This cleared the ways for universal use of face mask in the District and its production at local level in very cheap and affordable rates.
Point to clear here that the masks produced by Administration are distributed free of cost among the inhabitants on local level by using the services of PRI’s, Councillor’s, BDC councillors/Chairman’s and some government department.
Later on the protection gears used by Doctors, paramedics, sanitation workers and service providers serving  in the administrative quarantine centers were also manufactured in Doda there by making them feel safe while working with COVID 19 suspects.
The story of mask production unfolds here, this whole process required a significant number of skilled persons who would fulfill the dream of 4 lac masks of administration into reality. Moving ahead in this regard District Administration roped in the services of hundreds of local tailors, SHG’s,Umeed voulenteers across the district in mask making and particularly girls and women at many places in the district. They took this opportunity and extended their hand holding in this mission to the Adding to this amid lockdown restrictions when there is no other source of income, this campaign provided these local artisan’s employment to carry out their daily expenses of their houses, beacuse a unified rate was approved by the designated committee which is 6 ruppes per mask.
As the mask production is ongoing with zeal and persistence, district administration started its distribution among the people,frontline functionaries,police etc by utilising the services of BDC Chairman’s,PRI members, Councillor’s of all 3 MC’s.Initially in first spell 1lac face mask’s were distributed and the  process of distribution of second spell under which 2 lac masks are being ensured by FCS&CA department Doda.
It gives us immense pleasure and joy while sharing this that till now 3 lac masks stands delivered across the district and the production of additional 1 lac is ongoing on war footing and Administration is edging towards its initial 4 lac target.
“District Administration is not going to left any stone unturned in order to provide a safe and secure environment to its citizens and frontline functionaries” said Dr Sagar D Doifode DDC Doda.