*Restoration Of Disrupted Road Network Going On across the district Rapidly* _DDC Gives maximum 24 hours of upper limit of restoration of inner and rural roads_

Publish Date : 03/09/2020
Doda, August 28:
Due to the inclement weather conditions and continuous heavy rainfall from the last 3-4 days, different inner and rural roads across the district got damaged.
Taking up the matter on priority basis, the District Development Commissioner Doda Dr Sagar D Doifode has directed the executing agencies for rapid restoration of disrupted road network across the district on rapid basis, besides has also set the upper limit of 24 hours of full restoration of all inner and rural routes.
It has been given out that numerous roads have been made operational due to the ongoing restoration work, besides the restoration process is going on various roads at different locations.
The Status of the Roads coming under the jurisdiction of PMGSY Sub Division Bhagwah (Doda) is as under:-
1) Doda to Bhagwah open for traffic. 
2) Dangrota to Ganika open for traffic. 
3) Chilli morh to Bupa Bridge open for traffic. 
4) Chilli to Dhandal open for traffic.
5) Saras to kastigarh open, but slippery at km 4th RD(225-550) i.e in sink portion
6) Bhagwah to Dessa open for traffic however slips and slides have occurred at some spots but the traffic is through
7) Beoli to Bajarni open for traffic however at some spots minor slips & slides occurred.
8) Beoli to Gaddi open  but some slips and slides occurred and road surface slippery & Damaged in BRO portion.
9). Beoli to koti road block. Man and machinery deployed
10) Barshallah to Dhar And Dhar to Dashnan open however some slips has been occured at some spots but traffic is through.
11)  Babore jigote road is Open for traffic
12) Pranu to Masri   traffic is through and road is open.
13) Kehlote to shiva open and traffic is through.
Status of Roads under the jurisdiction of PMGSY Sub Division Assar (Doda) are as under. 
1) Gangalwar to sarsi,Open for traffic. 
2) khallani Dranga road to Hud Saras,Open for traffic. 
3) Bhargran to Roat road is OPEN
4) Bhargran to Behota road part Ist, upto Mangota (Length =15.00 kms) Open
Part IInd blocked from take off point restoration is in progress. 
5) Marsoo to charote again blocked from take off point. Machine arranged and deployed for restoration. 
6) Ganika to kotli open. 
7) Kastigarh to chill via Gagla 
Blocked from shinkage area, arrangements of machine is in process and restoration will be started shortly.
8) NH 244 to chill via Assar Open for traffic.