_Doctor Speaks_ *It is good to see that Society itself has started appreciating the Selfless and noble services rendered by Doctors on frontline amid Coronavirus threat* _Doctors, paramedics risk their own lives for the safety of each one of us, Collective efforts inevitable to win this fight against Covid-19 scare_ (Dr Nasir Masood)

Publish Date : 29/05/2021
Doda, May 29:
A Good doctor as well as paramedics who works hard to serve humanity and handle with care patients always deserve appreciation,but some doctors making extraordinary efforts above their alloted jobs selflessly and with zeal to serve the humanity.
One such Doctor is Dr Nasir Masood Indrabi, NHM Doctor at NTPHC Pranoo (Doda). Dr Nasir being single Doctor at NTPHC Pranoo with two paramedical staff is serving people of the area with full energy. 
Even with limited equipments and facilities the average deliveries in NTPHC Pranoo are more than 25 per month, which is highest in the district except for district hospital and Sub division level hospitals. Last year OPD role of Dr Nasir was more than 3500.
Similarly In covid mitigation efforts Dr Nasir also shines in the district in terms of Covid19 testing and Vaccination. NTPHC Pranoo has vaccinated more than 1550 persons from last month against target of 496 doses.
Last month Dr Nasir did 110 Rapid Antigen Tests himself. He also monitors the vaccination drive in peripheral areas of Trown, Shiva, Pul Doda, Shangroo and many more.
During these pandemic days he is also holding tele-consultation which ranges between 50 to 70 calls per day.
Since last year he apart from his regular duties also served in Quarantine centres, testing/sampling centres and checking points as an effort to check the spread of Corona virus.
He has also received appreciations from District Health Society Doda, District Administration Doda and from various civil societies forums of District Doda.
Thanks to such doctor for care, concern, personal attention and professional services which played a vital role in  Covid-19 containment efforts. Doctors, nurses and staff who worked night and day to perform life saving acts which are nothing short of miracles deserves to be appreciated so that they shall keep motivated till this fight against Covid-19 pandemic is not won in letter and spirit.