*Working round the clock 24×7 amid ongoing Covid-19 scare has actually made me more benevolent, selfless and kind hearted human being* *The human existence can be secured besides fight against Covid-19 pandemic can only be fought with collective efforts of each one of us* _Young and dynamic MMPHW Ashok Shan share his journey of dedicated and selfless services amid Covid-19 scare_

Publish Date : 30/05/2021
Doda,May 30:
Man by nature is social and to work for the safety and security of the mankind should be the utmost priority and important social responsibility of every human being, stated by young and multi-faceted frontline worker cum Male Multi-purpose Health Worker Ashok Shan.
Ashok says that being in the department for more than 9 years now, I never felt the importance of my job as I did for the past one year working in the ongoing Covid-19 scare, which has actually changed my perception towards the world and has actually made me more benevolent, selfless and kind hearted human being.
Recalling his efforts Ashok says during the past one year he has done multiple level job assigned to him by his seniors in the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic mitigation efforts which includes contact tracing of positive patients, shifting of Person’s into quarantine facilities,took active participation in IEC activities,was active part of QRT team besides at present working in testing/sampling team at OPD of GMC Doda.
He further says due to his over busy schedule of duty in QRT team last year he has to even delay his marriage ceremony and also didn’t visited to his home for around 3 months, so that his family members shall not get affected due to him, adding to this Ashok says as a part of sampling team he has done more that 1000 RAT as well as RTPCR tests till now.
“After the completion of my day shift at OPD when I remove my PPE kit,the sweat coming out from each single pore of my body makes me feel more worthy and satisfied which cannot be measured from any worldly tool,Ashok added.
He urged all the people from every walk of the life not to fell prey of any rumours,asked them to follow all the necessary guidelines,get vaccinated as early as possible, so that they shall remain safe and sound vis a vis shall also ensures the safety of others living in our own surrounding.