_Doctor Speaks_ *Dr Zia Shoukat Mughal briefs about stress management tips amid ongoing Covid pandemic* _Says maintaining healthy lifestyle and positive mindset can reduce the stress and anxiety issues under lock down restrictions_

Publish Date : 05/06/2021
Doda,June 05:
As there is ongoing partial lockdown restrictions in place to curb and contain the further spread of Coronavirus Infection,the regular visits of people at public places besides social/physical interactions of all age groups at large have been restricted across the nation, which  results in having stress and anxiety issues among the people including women and kids, the statement is stated by Dr Zia Shoukat Mughal, Incharge Psychiatry Department, GMC Doda.
“Present days are the extraordinary conditions as there is complete change in lifestyle witnessed by the people and if not handled with utmost precautions and care, could get worse over the days that could affect the humans biologically and psychologically” Dr Zia added.
While sharing tips of stress management and healthy lifestyle under the present circumstances, Dr Zia says there are three vital components/ needs of human beings i.e Biological, Psychological and personal health hygiene.
“The common mistakes people are making at homes under lockdown restrictions includes inadequate sleeping hours,improper eating habits,less interactions among the family members, excessive use of electronic gadgets, inadequate physical exercises, diligence in keeping the body clean, irregular intake of medicines related to stress and anxiety if anyone is prescribed to take by doctors etc”,he added.
He further says that if all the people shall avoid the aforementioned irregularities the stress and anxiety issues can be managed without being dependent upon  medicines, besides asked all the people to rely only on those information addresses related to Covid-19 which are authentic like WHO, Ministry of Health etc, adding to this also appeals to distance themselves from information having negative impact on human body and mind.
Dr Zia while speaking on the present scenario said that these conditions are not permanent, they are temporary and shall pass soon, he urged the locals to follow SOPs and Covid appropriate behaviour, in addition to the healthy lifestyle so that this deadly virus shall be uprooted completely.