_Feature Article_ *Gazetted Mentor Secretary for each Youth Club a unique initiative of Doda Administration, intends to provide a platform for motivation and transformation of the youth into ambassadors of hope, peace, development and serenity* _50 officers assigned the charge of 237 Youth Clubs, are actively playing a part in understanding and responding the youth aspirations_

Publish Date : 10/01/2022
Doda, January 6:
With the onset of the unique and ambitious initiative of UT administration namely ‘Mission Youth’ with an objective to provide a platform to the unemployed educated youth for understanding and responding their aspirations and concerns, as a part of which the District Administration Doda have also constituted 237 Youth Clubs throughout the District, one for each panchayat.
In order to increase its sphere of impact on the targeted youth, District Administration Doda took the lead under the directions of District Development Commissioner Doda Vikas Sharma, ordered for giving the charge of each Youth Club to a dedicated Mentor Secretaries of Gazetted cadre, who shall provide all the required assistance to the newly created Youth Clubs, act as a bridge between Administration and Youth Clubs, thus initially became the first district across the UT to initiate the implementation of the noble initiative with such vigour and dedication which has been widely appreciated and now other districts are also replicating the unique idea of the district administration which purely aims for the proper implementation of the program at the grassroot level.
Soon after this, the working of the Youth Clubs across the district took up the pace, various awareness programs with special focus to the self employment generation were conducted across the district in coordination with the Mentor Secretaries which has resulted in the bumper outcome in respect to the youth coming forward to avail the benefits of the different self employment schemes.
It is important to mention here the figures jump from nowhere to a satisfactory level around 550 young people across the district boy/girl came forward and applied for availing the benefits of the self employment schemes, not only to have for themselves self reliant and self sustained livelihood means, but to also provide the dignified opportunity to others also who will inturn also get the opportunity to work in these small and  medium enterprises.
Under Mission Youth program Tejaswini and MUMKIN scheme, the targetted groups of boys and girls are also reaping the fruits and are actively seeking the opportunity to take maximum benefits, till now around 192 cases have been approved under MUMKIN and 56 vehicles have been disbursed among the beneficiaries.
Under TEJASWINI, 178 cases have been approved and are at  different stages of aaproval.
It can be profoundly submitted with great satisfaction that the aims and objectives of the initiative has been widely accepted by all walks of life with open hands, young generation is enthusiastic about the schemes envisaged under the program, sees this as a golden opportunity to remove the shankels of unemployment from their lives, and the unique initiative of the Doda administration has made it possible in reaching out the distress during these tough times where the whole nation is combating the threat of Covid-19 and unemployment.