*MVD Leads Awareness Drive on Vehicle Maintenance for Operators*

Publish Date : 10/02/2024

*MVD Leads Awareness Drive on Vehicle Maintenance for Operators*

*Doda, February 06:* In an effort to enhance road safety awareness, Doda district officials, by the direction of Deputy Commissioner Harvinder Singh and under the supervision of ARTO Doda Rajesh Gupta, spearheaded a campaign at Paryote Pull Doda as a part of National Road Safety Month. The initiative focused on educating commercial vehicle operators about the importance of preventive and periodic maintenance to mitigate potential accidents, especially in snowbound areas.


During the event, commercial vehicle operators took an oath to prioritize road safety measures, underscoring the significance of regular vehicle upkeep. Deputy Commissioner Harvinder Singh emphasized the critical role of preventive maintenance in averting untoward incidents, particularly in challenging weather conditions prevalent in snow-covered regions.


Rajesh Gupta, ARTO Doda, stressed the need for proactive measures, highlighting that adherence to maintenance schedules can significantly reduce the risk of accidents on hazardous terrains. The initiative aimed to instill a sense of responsibility among vehicle operators, fostering a culture of safety-consciousness throughout the district.


The collaborative efforts of the district administration and transportation authorities underscored their commitment to promoting road safety and ensuring the well-being of commuters traversing Doda’s roads. With continued awareness initiatives and community participation, the district endeavors to create safer roadways for all travelers.