District Election Office in Doda Prepares for Upcoming Lok Sabha Elections

Publish Date : 10/03/2024

District Election Office in Doda Prepares for Upcoming Lok Sabha Elections

DODA MARCH 10 In anticipation of the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, the District Election Office in Doda organized an online training session for nodal officers and master trainers at the mini-conference hall within the DC office complex yesterday The session was designed to equip these key personnel with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively manage various aspects of the electoral process.


The training session saw the active participation of nodal officers and master trainers, both in person and virtually. Despite the virtual nature of the meeting, the engagement level remained high, with election officers and officials joining remotely to ensure comprehensive coverage and coordination.


Under the leadership of Deputy Commissioner Doda, Harvinder Singh, who also serves as the District Election Officer, the session was conducted with diligence and commitment. Singh’s presence underscored the importance of the training and the significance of the upcoming elections for the district.




The training session prioritized the development of nodal officers and master trainers, recognizing their pivotal role in the electoral process. They were equipped with the latest information, guidelines, and protocols to effectively carry out their responsibilities during the elections.


The Lok Sabha elections hold immense importance in shaping the political landscape of the nation. Therefore, thorough training and preparation of election officials and personnel are imperative to ensure the smooth conduct of the electoral process and uphold the democratic principles of the country.