Presently only three Handloom Training centres are running in District Doda, where Training to unemployed youth especially women folk is being imparted in weaving trade for a period of one year and the stipend [at] Rs 500 per month per candidate is being paid.

After providing training to the youth they are being covered under cooperative fold by registering the cooperative societies of these passed out trainees as well as traditional weavers for their income /employment generation as there are number of welfare schemes available with the department under which hey are being benefited. The Department has registered 8 Handloom cooperative Societies, out of these, 5 are in functional position.

Functioning of Department

The detail of the welfare schemes is given as under:-

Loan for looms:- The loan for purchase /modernization of looms is to be provided to the weaver through cooperative societies on 50% subsidy.

Share capital Loan:- The department also provides the share capital Loan to the Industrial Cooperative societies for purchase of Raw material.

Education scheme:-The girl students of the weavers from 1st to 5th primary are being provided scholarship amounting to the Rs.200-500 yearly .

Health Insurance Scheme:-The weaver are covered under Health Insurance scheme with ICICI Lombard only with the premium of RS.50.00 annually .In the case of their illness the company shall pay up to RS 15000.00 for their treatment.

Mahatma Gandhi Bunker Bima Yojana:-The weavers are covered under MGBBY with L.I.C (P&G) of India with the premium of Rs. 80.00 annually .Under this scheme all types of risks are covered and also the students of the beneficiaries reading in classes 09th to 12th are being provided scholarship of Rs 300.00 on quarterly basis.

Credit plan Scheme:- The weavers are being provided loan facility from different Banks under Credit plan scheme to establish their own Cutting and Tailoring units. The department provides 10% interest subsidy on bank Loan.

PM Weaver Mudra Scheme:- Cash Credit limit maximum upto Rs 5.00 lakhs for working capital purpose [at]6% interest rate to the Handloom weaver.



  1. Total no of schemes or activity presently available are two in nos.
  2. Name & objective of the schemes or activity.
  • Pradham Mantri Weavers Mudra Yojna:It is being implemented by the Handloom Dev. Department to provide adequate and timely credit up to to Rs.  2 lakhs to the weavers to made their credit requirement mostly individual proprietorship/own account enterprises.
  • Credit Card Scheme fo Artisan & Weavers for Handloom Department:The objective of the credit card scheme for artisan & weavers is to provide adequate and timely assistance from the financial institutions.

                A maximum limit of Rs. 2 lakh will be fixed with loan component of Rs. 1.8 lakh and beneficiaries contribution of Rs. 20000. Interest Subsidy of 7% for a period of five years from the date of disburdenment of the loan subject to annual review of the competent authorities.

  1. Benefits of the public:- The main aim of the above mentioned schemes is to provide credit to the weaver community to generate self employment and achieve the aim of Atam Nirbhar Bharat.
  2. Eligibility Criteria: – Registered weavers or traditional weavers can apply for the scheme.
  3. Contact detail of the Officer:- Dr Rahul Sharma : 9596615717
  4. Contact detail of the person dealing with the scheme or activity from office side: Abid Hussain Wani: 8803732085
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