Dessa Valley

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This is place exist in the womb of Hills all around the hill cover this beautiful little Dessa Valley. This place so good All the beautiful symbol of vedas are found there so this place is called Davebumi. It is a picnic spot the distance from Jammu railway to Gai is about 280km. The head post office is doda and Branch post office in GAI. This place is know connected to Srinagar through Dessa Capran road. The first motrable bridge under progress in Gai village. Most of the population of this village was under B.P.L The cause behind this is that the politicians are not take it Serious. They come only for votes and when the 5 year complete then they come next time.

Dessa Gai an abode on earth. This place a famous tourist spot lush green meadows compared with Switzerland in winter. A mountainous belt surrounds the valley feels natures pure attraction. There is something special in these mountains a natural glow of folura and fauna. A perfect hub of God’s own creation.

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How to Reach:

By Air

Air service is not available

By Train

Rail service is not available

By Road

Road is available upto Gai Dessa which 32 Km away from Doda District.