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Impact of the Project

During the Zimedari project with the aim to provide first hand experience to art and craft to the school children 7 teams of vishwagram volunteers with 6 member in each team visited near about 50 schools where they perform a day long activities with the school children. the students and teachers actively participated in all activities. Capacity building of 5 hundred teachers were conducted at all Zonal headquarter. Resource persons from vishwagram (a Gujarat based NGO) sensitized the teachers about the introduction of innovative concepts in teaching learning process. Grading of 1247 schools were done on the basis of parameters selected by the district level team covering all the 17 domains along with near about 105 core standards of a School. Amme Punekhar (Pune Based NGO) distributed 50 water filters to the50 schools faling in the areas of Underprivileged sect. Grading impact was visible in In most of the schools, it was observed near about 9 hundred schools done face lifting by completely renovated whole school building with new kind of Innovations like making the building as knowledge hub. DDC Doda directed Chief Agriculture officer to provide Agriculture kits to develop Kitchen garden in 50 Schools during this programe. The kit also contained different kind of vegetable seeds and seedlings. Celebration of jashn e azadi week by conducting weeklong patriotic activities in all Govt schools with the aim to inculcate patriotic value among the students.

Deputy Commissioner's Message

Deputy Commissioner

Message from DC Doda to all teachers

Dear Teachers of District Doda,

It gives me immense pleasure to see your overwhelming interest and motivation to dedicate yourselves in our district level program ‘Zimmedari’ (let us reform our schools qualitatively). We can witness a positive competition amongst all schools to get their institution graded better and impart better to our children, because… yes! they do deserve better. I hope you all will continue to keep on adding to your respective institutions in coming days and join the revolution which has already started to show results on ground. Remember: Teachers build generations. We are all at our respective places due to them. Wish u all the best of your hard work and dedication.

Key Challenges

Like many other initiatives focusing on improving the education standards in the country, especially in government schools, *Zimedari * initially struggled to bring about changes in existing system and convincing teachers about the new assessment/ grading exercise . Various workshops were conducted by the DIET faculty to resolve the issues. DDC conducted Discussions with the various teacher unions to make the program successful. Since the initiative implemented was first kind of program across the district which has not been done in any district across the state, challenges with respect to capacity related issues, coordination with NGOs of outside state were encountered. Further problems were also faced in collection of data from schools without disturbing the academic activities of the students.

Strength of Program

The use of available resources made Zimedari a well adopted/ welcomed initiative. The development and implementation of Zimedari didn't used any additional resources. The program leverages existing resources, both financial and human, in a cost and time bound manner.


Zimedari a festival of excellence presents an excellent example of taking a step towards improving the quality of school education. The program has been appreciated by the parents as well as by the community also. During Back to Village program out of 237 Visiting Gazzeted Officers 202 Gazetted officers have mentioned that a notable change have been recorded in Schools due to the Zimedari Program. Efforts of Education department under the supervision of DDC Doda Sh Sagar Datatray Doifode have helped to accomplish the Zimedari program which has helped academic and administrative decision making.


Zimedari (Eik Ehsas) an innovative initiative to promote quality education in Doda.

In connection to make the present system of education result oriented and to inculcate professional ethics among the teaching faculty across district Doda, District Development Commissioner Doda (DDC) Dr. Sagar D. Doifode today conducted a simple and impressive session of discussion with faculty members of Education Department at DC office Doda here. During the meeting DDC informed all the faculty members of school education to put forth the measures that will be taken during the course of capacity building training of teaching staff and in regard to the reinvigoration of education system in Doda district. Moreover, DDC welcome all the feedbacks of the faculty members generated from their lifetime experiences in order to make the education sector in doda not only result oriented but a learning hub.

During the meeting measures were discussed in detail and various decisions has been taken like grading of schools as per their performances, rationalization of teaching staff, training for teaching faculty,how to decrease the dropouts from schools etc.

ADC Doda Kishori Lal Sharma has been given the task of overall supervision of the executive committee to chalk out all the parameters regarding grading of schools, activities to be included in school curriculum, regarding extra co curricular activities, module of training,clubbing of schools etc.Further DDC Doda directed the concern executive committee to submit the report in stipulated time of one week after which the recommendations will be executed in letter and spirit at earliest. DDC Doda strictly directed the authorities to prohibit the un necessary intervention of outsiders in the functioning of schools unless it’s constructive and simultaneously gave the message to non performing teaching staff that non- seriousness will be dealt with expulsion from services. Other concerned officials who were present in the meeting are CEO Doda, Principal DIET Doda, Principal Girls and Boys higher secondary school Doda, Deputy registrar cooperative and other officials of the education department.


The objective of Zimedari is to asses the academic and non academic performance of students and ensure the improvement in the school infrastructure from Primary schools to Higher Secondary Schools. It also works to create awareness in teachers and general public regarding the quality education. Apart from assessing the overall infrastructure and academic standards, the Zimedari initiative looks into the provision to develop sense of ownership among all the stakeholders viz students, teachers, SMDC, parents etc. *Zimedari* strives to provide social audit opportunities


Even as the Govt is making a strenuous efforts to address the problems related to infrastructural shortage and to provide quality education by implementing schemes such as Samgra shiksha and MDM, it is equally important to concentrate on aspects of proper utilisation of available resources to improve the performance of Govt Schools.
The school Education system suffers not only from shortage of staff, but also from lack of proper infrastructural facilities and motivated teachers. These factors adversely affects the quality of education.
“Zimedari” Eik Ehsas. Uses School Evaluation as a tool for school improvement. During this program grading of school was done on the basis of predefined parameters devised by the District level Team constituted by DDC Doda and was performed by the well professional expertise of Education department who after visiting a particular school not only grade the academic side but also non academic side. Soon after the announcement of conduct of grading exercise in Govt schools by district administration a healthy
competition was observed among all the 1247 govt schools during which Teachers as well as students made strenuous efforts to get the top grade. All the schools got a new look and got transformed from a boredom place to a knowledge hub. Most of the schools tried to find some unique innovations in the schools. Innovations like kitchen garden, art and craft, wall paintings, creation of classroom culture, classroom management, new teaching strategies, swatchta activities, Health and hygiene, innovations in morning
assembly and other similar kind of activities were noticed before the start of Grading exercise. It was for first time that the funds which were not utilized by the School heads since years long meant for the school development was utilized judiciously. DDC Doda took continuous review from all the stakeholders regarding the initiative. Grading exercise seeks to introduce a comprehensive assessment approach to improve the overall education system across all govt run schools in District Doda.