Schemes of State Rehabilitation Council for Militancy Victims

Date : 09/04/2021 - | Sector: Social Welfare Department

Mandated to provide assistance for
physical, psychological and economical
rehabilitation of the victims of militancy
in the State with special focus on
widows, orphans, handicapped and
aged persons whose bread winner is
killed or incapacitated as a result of
militancy under the following Schemes:

i).Pension to Widows @ 1000/- per
month per widow.
ii). Pension to old persons @ Rs 1000/-
per month.
iii.) One time Marriage assistance to
young widows and grown up
daughters @ Rs40,000 per beneficiary.

iv.Pension to handicapped/ Disabled
persons @ Rs.1000/- per month
v.) Scholarship to Orphans of killed
militants @ Rs.750/- per month
vi).Providing of Motorized Tricycles
vii) Youth Exchange Performance


victims of militancy in the State


financial assistance

How To Apply

Contact District Social welfare Officer, Doda