Vibrant Bhaderwah Festival

The Directorate of Tourism Jammu in collaboration with District Administration Doda and  Bhaderwah Tourism Development Authority  is organizing Vibrant Bhaderwah Festival on 31.12.2023. The festival includes Cultural Programmes, Cycling, Rafting, Handicraft Kiosks, Paragliding, Sledding, Snow Tube and allied adventure activities. Bhaderwah is a valley bewitching natural beauty and panoramic vistas offering to tourists a variety of beautiful landscapes, colourful local fairs, joyous festival mood and unique mosaic of culture. Central to beauty of this saucer valley are the deodar and kail forests and River Neeru. Its distinctive moods change with the seasons. In winters the valley is carpeted with snow and in summer and springs it is ablaze with colours of the flowers that blossom all over the place. A full majestic view of the sylvan Bhaderwah valley with snow – capped background makes visitors fall in love with Bhaderwah. Its ancient name was Bhaderkashi, on the name of Goddess Bahderkaali. The festival is a great opportunity to experience the warm hospitality of J&K and the beauty of the hill station when it is at its cultural and traditional best.